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Kursi | Cosmopharma (LV)konsultants Prodniece Ligita

Colour Analysis

Datums & Place
2 may 2019 at 10:00 - 16:00

Riga, at Stila Studija Pērses street 13

• Basic Color Theory
• The meaning of the different seasons
• Practice to perform an accurate color analysis
• Review of a color palette
• Working with basic colors
• What is an accent color?
• Selecting contrasting colors
• Wardrobe Planning - first step to managing your wardrobe

Added bonus! After completing the training, you will receive a voucher for the course Style Analysis value of € 50

Price for training and all work material needed: € 345
1 day training + 6 months follow up on distance with instructor and paying customers

The training is for you who wants to work with color analysis, and is the first step for those who wants to become Imagestylist.

Requirement of previous knowledge:

Training material included - Working tools
4601 Seasonal Fabrics (4 x 7 colors)
4602 Hudtonstyger (3 colors)
4603 White cape
4607 Brightness scale
4608 Hair Color scale
4609 Eye Color scale
4620 Class compendium
4301 COLOR ME Contrasting Summer
4308 COLOR ME Medium Autumn
4003 Cosmopharma bag (empty)
4001 Cosmopharma Pen
1 Color Manual
1 Practice Booklet
1 Course Diploma
1 Customer Registration Sheet

After completing the training day, you are offered the possibility of a six-month internship with continued follow-up on distance by the instructor. After completing the internship (20 completed color analysis with sold color palette) you will be certified Color Consultant

Training is held in Latvian
For more information: Ligita Prodniece +371 29412394

345 EUR


Prodniece Ligita
Telefona nr.: +371 29412394
E-mail : stilastudija@gmail.com
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Prodniece Ligita
Telefona nr.: +371 29412394

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