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Pieteikties par viesu uzņēmēju | Cosmopharma (LV)konsultants Prodniece Ligita

Would you like to become a hostess?

If you wish that one of our consultants come to your home and your friends and showed the products under very informal and casual circumstances?

We have many talented consultants throughout the country!

All you have to do is to make a request here and soon you will be contacted by phone by a consultant. You agreements with a date that suits you both.

You invite some friends to your home to the agreed time, and you will experience a journey through a landscape of beauty and health: This is a great way to start a girls or a boys night out before you set off on something or simply have a coffee together an everyday evening. Seize the chance, book a viewing of Cosmopharmas products and add an extra spice to an evening with your friends!

Yes, I want to be a hostess!

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Viesu uzņēmēja dâvanas May 2020

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